Tentative Red Line Project Story Ideas

As a contributor to The Red Line Project, I was assigned coverage of the Berwyn and Bryn Mawr Red Line el stops. Both el stops are located in the Edgewater neighborhood. According to the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, it is the most densely populated neighborhood in Chicago. This led me to wonder why it is such an appealing neighborhood for residents and what the real estate business must be like in this area. Perhaps a feature story featuring interviews with Chamber of Commerce members and real estate agents that operate in this area could grow from questions such as these.

While that idea isn’t quite tangeable yet and needs more development, I do have several very definite story ideas in mind. According to Edgewater Community Buzz, parking meter rates in Edgewater will be increasing in January. Parking rates are alway a buzz worthy topic in Chicago and I’ve found that many of the city’s residents have strong opinions on the sometimes outrageous amounts of money that parking costs, so I’d like to know the reason for this increase in parking meter rates and how Edgewater residents are reacting to it.

One organization that I became familiar with through my research, and that I think would lend well to a news feature, is Edgewater Artists in Motion. This organization works to both beautify the neighborhood and showcase its local artists’ work by displaying artwork in vacant storefronts and other properties. The movement has much support within the community and has gained sponsership from the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, the Edgewater Community Cousel and the Edgewater Development Corporation. I feel that there would be plenty of resources and potential interview subjects surrounding this organization from which I could build a solid story.

The Edgewater neighborhood offers an abundance of story ideas. My only concern at this time is deciding how to divide the stories between my two el stops. Both stops are located within the same zip code and could both be relevant pages to on which to post several of these story ideas. My hopes are that through further research the appropriate pages on which to post which stories will become more clear.


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